Acrylic on deep edged box canvas with metal leaf and glitter

30 x 60cm


Part of a series of paintings on the theme of 'trees of the pagan calendar' Holly was produced for Red Hen's Brighton May Festival exhibition 2006 'Yew & Others'. 

The holly moon, said to be the moon of encirclement, polarity and rebalancing, is the eighth moon of the calendar and falls at the begining of harvest time when the pagan festival of Lammas (also known as Lughnasadh or Luna) - a celebration of the first fruits of the harvest/the first picking of corn - is celebrated.  The word Lammas means 'loaf mass'. 

In European mythology the holly tree is associated with the thunder gods Thor and Tavanis and in British tradition the holly tree is known for its protection against lightning strikes - hence the thunder clouds in the painting.