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Jonathan Lodge moved to Brighton in 1996 – where he worked for four years as a very popular Recreational Manager for Jewish Care stimulating the minds and talents of the elderly. Jonathan was born in Dolgellau – in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park – where he was once employed as a ‘panner’ in the local gold mine!

He studied at West Surrey College of Art and Design where he gained his BA(Hons.) in Graphic Design. Two of Jonathan’s early inspirations were leading British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy and 80s American art phenomenon Keith Haring. In 2002, he established his own company Jele Designs which has since received such diverse commissions as clothing, company branding, furniture, interior design, promotional material, theatre costumes, props and sets – not to mention sex toy packaging!

Having worked for a while as a graphic designer, Jonathan became disillusioned with the mass-produced computer images of which we are all familiar. Preferring a more individual, tactile approach, Jonathan’s designs have now evolved from the keyboard to a needle and thread – as it is for his appliqué work he is becoming best known.  

‘Appliqué’ is a French word meaning ‘fastened to’ and is used to describe an art form whereby decoration, beading or trimming is sewn over another. This specialised technique has been used around the world for 2,500 years and the oldest known surviving example is an Egyptian canopy quilt from around 980 BC.

Jonathan is very happy to accept enquiries and commissions.  Please e-mail using 'contact' button above. 

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