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about Abi Macleod-Clark

As a full time mother of three children, Emily, Presley, and Gracy, I don’t have very much spare time, but always make time for my art and also encourage my children to be as artistic as they want, and they all have artistic flair, which is no surprise as my husband is also very artistic and works as a sign writer.
   I have a background in art and design which includes an ND in Art and a HND in Theatre Design.
   Whilst living in Brighton (England), I had many art based jobs including working in a gallery. Being in such a creative city and meeting like minded people I started an artist group “Redhen” and took on many commissions including costumes for TV productions, numerous workshops, mosaics, lecturing at art colleges, and Redhen  exhibitions, which continue to be an annual event that I take part in, despite living in a different country.
    I always try to be adventurous with my art, and my life, and in 2005 my husband and I packed up our whole lives and moved to the small Maltese island of Gozo, where we are currently bringing our own blend of art and lifestyle to the local people.

   My mosaics are based on the materials I have collected from both the local environment and past treasures (my kittens have also helped by breaking many of our plates and mugs!) and the kindness of our friends donating their old crockery. I have also been influenced as always by the culture I am surrounded by and inspiration comes from various avenues. Being inspired by things from the walk to school with my children, the funny things people say, to the magnificent churches that are all around us.


Abigail Macleod-Clark
October 2011